The goal of our association is youth’s participation in projects and initiatives that support the economic, cultural and social development of the community they come from, the responsible exploitation of the human resources and of the youth’s potential, especially from the rural areas. We are 30 members and volunteers - teachers, high school students and university students with common goals and objectives, interested in developing the human potential of people from the county of Argeș, Romania. Imago Mundi story started in 2008 in the rural area of Arges County, in the commune of Mălureni, district of Argeș, 25 km from the city of Pitesti, Romania by the efforts of teachers and young people from the community. Since 2008 until now, we have run a number of activities and projects on themes such as ecology, creativity, European issues, awareness campaigns on prevention of violence and fight against discrimination, volunteering activities in the benefit of rural and urban communities, teacher training activities. Also we implemented 5 Youth in Action projects, youth initiatives and took part in a successful youth exchange.

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Organisation: Academy of Entrepreneurship

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