Atelier Mar

Atelier Mar is a Capeverdian Non-Government organization, created at 1987. Conducts studies, takes part in research programs, has a training center on handicrafts and arts, and implements developments projects and activities. Atelier Mar is involved in the Islands of Cape Verde and contribute to sustainable, fair development and alleviate poverty and structural inequalities. Atelier Mar undertakes actions aiming at:

• Training young people for self- employee and income generation activities.

• Promoting Entrepreneurship among young people;  

• Increasing the incomes of rural populations;

• Reducing their vulnerability and promoting their empowerment;

• Improving their access to quality infrastructures and services;

• Developing their ability to make themselves heard and to improve the participative democracy.

Atelier Mar is a small Ngo with 8 persons working and it has is one building, with workshops and offices.

The Atelier Mar key activities are:

• Design and give training courses on handcraft designed to various audiences (youth, handcraft people, agro –business agriculture workers.)

• Implementing of local development  activities that can contributes for the Empowerment of the population;

• Strengthening, through practices and development aid, the skills and capacities of local players and community based organizations ;

• Contributing to environmental policies and environmental education at sea coast communities and pour rural areas.

This project is co-funded by the European Commission. This publication reflects the views of the author only and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use of the information contained therein

Contact the Coordinator of the project

Name: Maria Arabatzoglou


Organisation: Academy of Entrepreneurship

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